Perpy Finance

How to Trade on your Trading Vault?

On the dashboard page, move your mouse over your Trading Vault and click on "Trade"
If no one has deposited in your trading vault yet. First of all deposit at least 10 USDC in the vault, this is the minimum to take a trade on GMX. (You can follow this guide to learn how to deposit in a vault: How to Invest/Deposit in a Trading Vault?​
Our trading engine is similar to GMX, you will find the various useful information on the screen below
Once you have filled in all the information, click on trade and validate the transaction on your wallet
Once your trade is validated, you will find the different informations of your current position below the graph , you can manage your trade on this line.

How to use GMX OrderBook ?

Once a trade is opened you can define a Take Profit and Stop Loss order.
Moreover, contrary to GMX your opened orders will be canceled after you closing a trade. In a near future Trading Vaults will be able to handle more orders.
Important note : When your Take Profit is reached, the OrderBook from GMX will sent you the traded asset back and not USDC !

How to check your balances ?

When you are the trader you can see your balance of traded asset by clicking on the collateral.