Perpy is the home of SocialFi & Asset Management, where we connect traders with investors through two major verticals: Trading Vaults and Communities. Perpy offers Traders the best venues and tools to monetize their trading skills, grow their brand, and nurture their community. In the meantime, Investors can profit from Traders' skills by allocating funds in a secure and non-custodial way.

With the current state of the ecosystem, traders have no optimal medium to share their trading setups and performance in a transparent, legitimate, and verifiable manner. Building an engaged community is even harder, and the overhead of managing different platforms, tooling, and paywalls is time-consuming. The same goes for users who follow multiple accounts, Alfa sources, a dozen Telegram groups, and a bunch of private Discord servers.

These are discrepancies and unefficiencies across crypto communities to share and earn together. That’s where Perpy brings another piece of the puzzle with an all-in-one solution to solve this major issue.

With its Social Layer and Trading Vaults, Perpy is taking the concepts of Social Trading and Marketplace between Traders and Investors to another level. Perpy offers a unique opportunity to create or join communities where exclusive content, insights, market perspectives, and hot narratives can be accessed publicly or privately at the vault manager's discretion, like any messaging app.

On top of this Social Layer, we’re plugging the Trading Vault, where the vault manager can trade on behalf of his investors (aka the community members), take commissions on any profits generated and have access to an in-depth and unmatched on-chain trading journal and statistics page.

Community is at our core, and we encourage a culture of collaboration where users can share and earn together, cementing the community culture within.

We empower traders by providing the best decentralised trading venues with Perpetual, Spot trading, and soon NFT, Options, and Sports Bets. Providing a best-in class trading UI and tools for Traders to execute their strategies seamlessly is one of our focus.

The robust architecture of our smart contracts guarantees the safety and security of your assets, allowing you to control your money as you see fit. The protocol has been audited by PeckShield

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading SocialFi hub, paving the way for crypto-native communities to thrive together.

It’s time to onboard your community, hassle-free!

Disclaimer: this gitbook is still a work in progress. Some pages aren't complete yet, and some corrections and adjustments to its content might be applied.

Perpy's strengths

  • Non-Custodial and Owner-Centric Security: Perpy stands as a pillar of security in the decentralized finance space. It's a non-custodial solution, ensuring you own your assets at every stage of your journey. From the creation of your vault, Perpy's smart and owner-centric design prioritizes your control and safety. Audited by Peckshield.

  • : Perpy is a model of transparency. The app is fully on-chain and completely decentralized. Whether you're creating your first vault or investing in someone else's, you can track everything happening under the hood. The inherent nature of blockchain technology allows you to follow your money, wherever it goes, providing unparalleled visibility and trust.

  • Simplicity and Accessibility: The protocol fueling Perpy is permissionless and straightforward. You can create a vault to share your trading strategy in just a few clicks. This ease of use makes Perpy accessible to traders of all levels, fostering a diverse and inclusive trading community.

  • Full Control and Flexible Fee Structure: Perpy empowers you with full control over your assets and the performance fees. You can define the fees you want to take from those copying you. This smart and flexible approach aligns incentives, creating a win-win scenario for both traders and investors.

  • Versatility and Perpetual Contracts: Versatility is key to Perpy's appeal, and the vault-based approach offers a wide array of strategies. Whether you prefer a conservative approach with low leverage and risk or seek aggressive trading, Perpy accommodates your style. The use of perpetual contracts further enhances the platform, allowing bets on both market upsides and downsides, catering to diverse risk appetites and expanding trading opportunities.

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