Buyback & Burn Mechanisms

With no less than 5 buyback and burn mechanisms, Perpy ensures the token becomes deflationary over time by steadily reducing its supply:

Liquid staking withdrawal

A 0.5% $PRY exit fee is applied when withdrawing from this module, which will be burned.

Locked staking early withdrawal

Users who decide to withdraw before the 180days vesting period will forfeit a portion of their $PRY, which will be burned.

Management fees

Perpy takes a 50% cut on the optional management fees in vaults. These fees will be used to buyback and burn $PRY

Upfront tax

Each trade triggers a 0.5% tax on its collateral, and the funds are specifically allocated for $PRY token buybacks and burning.

When you want to promote your vault by displaying it on the homepage, you must pay with $PRY tokens, which will be burned.

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