Perpy Finance

How to deposit on your trading vault

The first thing to do is to go to your vault.
You can find your vault by clicking on the 'Vaults' subsection under 'My Accounts' in the sidebar.
Once you've located your vault, click on 'Trade'.

Trading Engine and Deposit button

You have now arrived at the trading engine page.
To start trading, you will need at least 10 USDC in your vault as that is the minimum value required to initiate a trade.
So, if you have other assets and wish to convert them in USDC, you can use your favorite DEX or use the Swap tab directly on Perpy, which is a shortcut to 1inch.
Once you have your USDC in your wallet, you can click on the 'Deposit' button.
Choose the amount of USDC you wish to deposit and then click on 'Approve'.
Once the transaction is validated, click on Deposit and initiate the second transaction.
That's it! USDC will appear quickly in your vault after the transaction is validated.