Can anyone open a trading vault?

Yes, our protocol is entirely permissionless, so any user can create a TradingVault and raise money for the execution of their trading idea.

Is your money withdrawable at any time from the trading vault?

If a trade is open, investor have to wait that the trader close his trade to get his fund.

How does Perpy prevent performance scams?

Perpy is fully on-chain and Decentralized, which means that Perpy offers full transparency on the performance of strategies, as well as how they are structured and operated. You can analyze the transactions on the blockchain to understand the entire circuit of your money with no grey area. No false promises, blockchain tells the truth.

Are Perpy's contracts under proxies?

Yes, we are still in Beta at the moment, so we need to make regular contract updates. Once we have finalized and audited the contracts, we will implement a model similar to enzyme.finance where the vault trader will be able to update his vault when a new version is available.

How does Perpy protect your assets?

Perpy is a non-custodial solution, your money goes where you want it to, whenever you want it. Moreover, the architecture of our smart contracts ensures that assets are safe and secure for investors and traders. We are connected to Decentralized Exchanges for executing trades, everything occurs on the blockchain, no Centralized actor.

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